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Gentle Care for Older Adults

Eighty percent of adults over 65 have at least one chronic condition, while 68 percent have two or more chronic conditions. Many of these diseases have no symptoms or vague symptoms that can erroneously be attributed to aging. It is important to attend the annual physical.

Our team of physicians has extensive knowledge of aging physiology and diseases common to the aging population. Using a team approach, they are able to deal with the complex medical and psychosocial problems of older adults.

Geriatric Care Q&A

How does geriatric care work?

Our professional physicians are able to use their knowledge of doses and side effects of medications in the aging population, including their ability to tailor medicines to the individual patient.

What approach do you take?

Our focus is on health prevention and maintaining independence, the best quality of life, and preventing injuries using a patient-centered approach. The office also ensures that age-appropriate cancer screenings and routine immunizations are addressed.

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