Information for Visits Over 5 Year of Age

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Here you can find important information, forms, and questionnaires for patients over 5 years old.

  • Vaccine Information Sheets for 11 Years Old and Up. 
  • Patient Health Questionnaire.

Menveo Vaccine

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TdaP Vaccine

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TdaP is given at the 11 year check-up

- CDC TdaP Vaccine Statements  

- CDC TdaP Vaccine Statements - Spanish  

HPV Vaccine

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Bexsero Vaccine

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Bexsero is given at the 11 year check-up

- CDC Bexsero Vaccine Statements 

- CDC Bexsero Vaccine Statements - Spanish 

Patient Health Questionnaire

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Click here to see our Patient Health Questionnaire. 

HPV Gardasil Optional Vaccine

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Click here to se e the HPV (Gardasil, male and female optional vaccine) at 14-17 Years Old & 18 Years Old.

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