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Conventional Medicine & Complementary Therapies

Though there are numerous benefits of conventional medicine, many people turn to nutritional supplements and alternative therapies to help them manage their health. 

Lifestyle medicine is a type of health care that combines conventional medicine with complementary therapies. Germantown Pediatric and Family Medicine LLC offers lifestyle medicine services to support the health and healing of your body.

Lifestyle Medicine Q&A

What is lifestyle medicine?

For those interested in focusing on reversal and transformative health care, we offer an Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine approach to managing an illness or improving well-being.

Integrative medicine is a healing-oriented practice that focuses on the whole person. Though modern medicine has many benefits, treatments typically center on the symptoms and disease, not the cause of the disease.

Lifestyle medicine is an evidence-based medical specialty focused on improving health, and managing or eliminating chronic conditions.

Lifestyle medicine is also excellent in preventing diseases and staying healthy. One of the beautiful aspects is that there are benefits in many areas, and unlike drugs, there are no real side effects.

A holistic, less invasive, and more natural way of “treatment” is prioritized to help the body to facilitate its healing response. Less priority is given to medications as the primary treatment. Studies have shown again and again that lifestyle changes are far superior to medications in managing many chronic diseases.

While it is not easy to make these changes, we will be with you every step of the way so that you can achieve your goal and help you to maintain your success!

This is not to say that surgery, prescription drugs, or medical treatment don’t work. Not only do those methods work, but they also save many lives. It’s also true that, in many cases, these treatments don’t work any better than behavior change. Our goal is to eventually reduce the need for medications.

What is the difference between traditional medicine and lifestyle medicine?

Unlike traditional medicine, all factors influencing health, wellness, and disease are considered, including mind, spirit, community, and body. A more active role is given to the patient, who is a partner in the process of taking control of the health of the body, while the provider takes on a “coach” approach.

Who benefits from integrative and lifestyle medicine?

Lifestyle and Integrative medicine can have the most significant impact on the following: 

  • Managing or reversing Type II diabetes.
  • Reversing Prediabetes and metabolic syndrome.
  • Management of Heart disease.
  • Control of High blood pressure. 
  • Reducing High cholesterol, stroke risk, and heart attack risk.
  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Aging in a healthy way, while optimizing brain function.
  • Insomnia and other sleep issues.

Anyone searching for a more holistic approach to managing their general health or chronic disease benefits from our tailored program.

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